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Training and Support

Training and Support


CertaSIM, LLC provides a wide variety of training classes for the IMPETUS Afea Suite of software. Training is provided at CertaSIM’s facilities as well as on site. Examples of training classes are:

Getting Started with the Impetus Afea Solver®:
This one day class is typically used to help new users get started with the IMPETUS Afea Solver®.

Introduction to the IMPETUS Afea Solver®:
This is a 3 day class which includes both lecture and hands on experience using the software. This class is recommended for both novice users of explicit solvers as well as those experienced users that are transitioning to IMPETUS.

Modeling Mine Blast with the IMPETUS Afea Solver®:
The class is 1 day with the focus on modeling buried mine blast events. It covers the theory behind the features and also involves workshop examples.

Modeling Golf Applications:
Golf is an example of an impact event that has to be modeled as a transient dynamic scenario. Modeling of both the golf ball and club are discussed.


Advanced software requires a high level technical support. Our goal is to provide the best possible technical support for our customer base and help guide them to effectively use the software to solve their problems in an efficient and productive manner. Emailed support is responded to within 24 hours of receiving it and our support staff does both video and phone support.

The Support Team can be reached at: or by calling (408) 796-7488

To provide top level support our staff is constantly developing video tutorials and application specific training material which includes demonstration models.

The IMPETUS Afea Solver® manual is online and can be found at:

A subset of the CertaSIM Video Tutorials are:

Introduction to the IMPETUS Afea Solver® Interface:
Experience the various options found in the IMPETUS Afea Solver GUI and better understand the work flow when using the program.

Building an IMPETUS Model from Scratch:
Study how to build a model using the Editor Mode. This takes advantage of the built-in meshing capabilities.

The Solve Mode:
Illustrates the Solve Mode in IMPETUS. It shows how to start a job and various options that are available.

The Post Processing Mode:
Showcases the many useful and intuitive features found in the Post-Processing Mode.

Building an IMPETUS Model Based on a Generic Mesh:
Based on a generic mesh from a commercial Pre-Processor, an IMPETUS Afea model is built in the GUI Assemble Mode. This includes applying boundary conditions, material models, etc.

Merge Tool in the IMPETUS Afea Solver GUI:
The video illustrates how to use the Merge Tool in the IMPETUS Afea Solver GUI. This is a very useful tool to automatically detect what parts are to be merged together.