Training and Support Information

Training and Support Information

A subset of the CertaSIM Video Tutorials are:

Introduction to the IMPETUS Afea Solver® Interface:
Experience the various options found in the IMPETUS Afea Solver GUI and better understand the work flow when using the program.

Building an IMPETUS Model from Scratch:
Study how to build a model using the Editor Mode. This takes advantage of the built-in meshing capabilities.

The Solve Mode:
Illustrates the Solve Mode in IMPETUS. It shows how to start a job and various options that are available.

The Post Processing Mode:
Showcases the many useful and intuitive features found in the Post-Processing Mode.

Building an IMPETUS Model Based on a Generic Mesh:
Based on a generic mesh from a commercial Pre-Processor, an IMPETUS Afea model is built in the GUI Assemble Mode. This includes applying boundary conditions, material models, etc.

Merge Tool in the IMPETUS Afea Solver GUI:
The video illustrates how to use the Merge Tool in the IMPETUS Afea Solver GUI. This is a very useful tool to automatically detect what parts are to be merged together.