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General Information


The IMPETUS Afea Solver® is a general purpose explicit non-linear transient dynamic Finite Element solver that truly represents a breakthrough in simulation technology and deserves to be called “Next Generation”.

Mine Blast


Modeling Mine Blast Events with the IMPETUS Discrete Particle Method (iDPM) is Accurate, Fast and the model Setup is very simple! A few simple commands are all that is needed to define Soil, Air, HE and particle to structure Contact!


Modeling fragmentation has never been easier. The IMPETUS Node Splitting Algorithm in conjunction with accurate High Order Solid elements is the key to capturing this random event.


Linear elements are no match for accurately modeling ballistics, all you get are eroded elements and an unrealistic plug! Geometry matters and that is where the IMPETUS ASET™ Element Technology makes the difference. Accurate geometry means accurate contact which is the key to capturing material fracture.

Metal Forming


Metal forming happens in 3-D whether one is forming a part or crushing a tube. Classic assumptions of plane stress or plane strain conditions are a compromise not necessary with ASET™ Element Technology.

Golf Applications


Golf is a difficult sport, but modeling clubs and balls is easy with IMPETUS! The key is accurate high order tetrahedron elements that make meshing the complicated geometry of a club head a simple task!

Biomedical Applications


One area where geometry really matters is modeling the human body! Accurate high order Solid Element Technology that can capture the true geometry of the human body, a robust SPH Solver to fully capture fluid structure interaction and GPU Technology for massively parallel processing provide today’s bio-mechanist a robust tool to answer the most pressing questions!

γSPH™ Solver For Structural Dynamics


Modeling extreme deformation events such as space debris impact, shaped charge design, warhead fragmentation or hypervelocity in general, is very difficult due to the complexity of the event, which includes non-linear large deformation and short time duration. The IMPETUS ADVANCED module which is part of the IMPETUS Afea Software Suite provides the Next Generation γSPH™ meshless solver to handle these difficult Multiphysics scenarios.